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    Have you always hated your siding? Wish you had a place to relax outside in the nice weather? Graf Construction & Remodeling Corp. offers exterior remodeling services to make the house you have into the home you actually want. Whether your siding is outdated and rotting, or you want a deck installation to better entertain outdoors during the warmer months, we provide a trained team of professionals that dedicate themselves to helping you achieve your remodeling goals.

  • Local Home Improvement in Springfield Illinois

    exterior home remodeling services springfield illinois

    At Graf Construction & Remodeling Corp. we provide exterior remodeling services to any home or business. From start to finish, our team will be by your side to assist with the design of your renovations, picking out materials, staying under budget, and much more. We want you to be completely happy with the final product and the process it took to get there. Our complete list of exterior remodeling services includes:

  • Siding

    siding contractors near springfield illinois

    When looking at your home, siding is the first element that is noticed. It also has the highest risk of suffering from water damage and rotting, which is why it is good to have quality and durable siding for your home. If you are looking for high-quality siding, Graf Construction & Remodeling Corp. specializes in vinyl siding, giving you access to top-tier colors and textures on the market that are designed to last during the extreme weather patterns of the Midwest.

    Our vinyl siding options are an incredibly cost-efficient solution that requires minimal maintenance, unparalleled beauty and increased weather resistance to help protect your home’s exterior. With more colors and more styles comes more options, contact Graf Construction & Remodeling Corp. today for a free estimate on our siding services.

  • All Weather Repair

    weather repair services springfield illinois

    The local weather can be unpredictable and threatens our homes in a variety of ways. Luckily, the Springfield, Illinois area can rely on Graf Construction & Remodeling Corp. for all weather repairs when disaster strikes! Whether severe winds have broken some of your shingles loose or hail has battered your siding, our expert contractors can restore your home back to pristine condition! We are the local area's storm damage specialists and can provide effective repairs to residential and commercial decks, siding, windows, soffit, fascia, and much more. From mild to severe storms, we've seen it all and can make sure your home is good as new in no time. If your property has suffered through storms, give our team a call. Whether you have visible signs of damage or not, we'll ensure your home or business is safe, secure, and looking great!

  • Decks

    deck contractors located near springfield illinois

    Looking for a great way to provide a comfortable atmosphere for your outdoor entertainment area? Graf Construction & Remodeling Corp. provides eco-friendly wood, composite, Trex and Herringbone decks to provide your own backyard oasis. Decks for your home provide both, a relaxing and stylish environment for your outdoor experience and increase home value, a win-win.

    Decks don’t always have to be upscale and extraordinary, if you are hesitant about a deck installation due to limited space – give us a call for a free inspection/estimate. With over 30 years of experience, we are confident that regardless of space, we can design deck solutions ideal for your home. Enjoy the summer how it’s intended – in relaxation mode with our customized deck designs.

  • Patios

    patio contractor near springfield illinois

    Enhance your home’s visual appeal with a paver patio, brick paver, walkway or driveway solutions offered at Graf Construction & Remodeling Corp.. Enjoy the benefits of hardscape walkways that utilize safety and durability features for guests to use as a guide around your home’s illustrious landscape. Concrete, brick paver, slate, stamped, colored and more, Graf Construction & Remodeling Corp. provides a complete outdoor living space filled with beauty that everyone can enjoy. Call us today for a free estimate and discuss your patio options!

  • Sunrooms

    sunroom remodeling services near springfield illinois

    If you are someone who likes to enjoy the outdoors during all times of the year, a sunroom is a terrific option to utilize underused outdoor space and provide you with a comfortable setting for your morning coffee or book reading. Graf Construction & Remodeling Corp. specializes in home improvement, such as adding sunrooms and with a wide array of materials, can ensure that your sunroof will fit your family's needs and your style.

    Regardless of style or taste, our sunroom installation services will be able to provide:

    • A completely insulated enclosed space that allows you to enjoy it year-round.
    • The option of an air conditioning and/or heated unit for ideal comfort
    • Varying in styles, including all-glass to provide a great outdoor view.
  • Contact Graf Construction & Remodeling Corp. today to discuss your solutions and ideas for your ideal outdoor comfort.

  • Room Additions

    room additions contractor near springfield illinois

    Are you and your family outgrowing your home? Sometimes, moving isn’t the only option. Graf Construction & Remodeling Corp. can provide a more cost-effective alternative and can design and build room additions for your home in Springfield, Illinois. Regardless of the age and style of your home, we are equipped with the materials to guarantee that your brand-new room addition will comfortably fit within your home’s aesthetic.

    Whether you want to add a more modern kitchen, family room, bedroom or bathroom addition, we want to ensure it is exactly what you want. Therefore, our first step is the design process where you work one-on-one with our designers to establish a layout and style that best suits your personality. If you are needing inspiration for room addition ideas, we provide a full catalog of styles and previous projects to better grasp what we can do for you.

    Ready to spice things up within your home and increase its value? Contact Graf Construction & Remodeling Corp. today to begin your room additions with a company that is committed to fulfilling your wishes.